Tuesday, 18 October 2016

New pricing from January 2017

@TheGlasgowJam is, and always will be, about the community it serves. However there are some things we need to think about, and one of them is our pricing structure. For us, it's about being able to continue to work with the community in the longer term, to ensure that we remain viable and to be able to continue to meet our outgoings.

So, from January 2017, our jams will be £7, and our Sunday class and jam will be £12. As always, we are keen to hear from volunteers to help directly at our jams, or give time in another way should finance ever be a question of attendance.

Our exciting new programme will be announced very soon and we hope to see you at our jams and classes.

Penny and Laura x

Wednesday, 5 October 2016

@TGJ October Newsletter

Dear Jammers,

What an amazing way to return from the lull of the summer months. We are back in full swing! Nina led a special workshop for Indepen-dance as part of the Gathered Together festival in early September. It was very well attended and huge fun. We had jams with Brian and Penny. Penny is leading the classes in September, October and November, so this is a great chance to deepen your knowledge and learn some of the techniques she perfected in her study with Nicolás Nuñez and Julyen Hamilton.

We have been busy organizing Anne-Gaëlle Thiriot’s visit in November. Anne-Gaëlle is a very experienced CI practitioner and we are lucky to get some time with her to perfect skills and find new ways on moving. It is also an opportunity to connect with the wider UK scene! Grab your spot now. All the details of the workshop are below and you just book by emailing us theglasgowjam@gmail.com. It is only £40 for a day with this amazing dancer!

Watch this space for announcements of our new January to June 2017 programme which will be coming out soon.

We are also sharing details of our jams for Glasgow, as well as links to Paul Henry’s regular Butoh classes in Glasgow. We also want to make you aware of the great work of our jamming partners in Edinburgh and London.

Hope this newsletter full of nice plans made you as happy as it is making us!

Penny and Laura xx


OCTOBER (check venues!)

JAM: Friday 14th October --- 6-9.30pm --- Solène Weinachter --- KPC --- £5

CLASS: Sunday 30th October ---1-2pm --- Penny Chivas --- CCA --- £10
JAM: Sunday 30th October --- 2-4.30pm --- Penny Chivas --- CCA --- £5 (free with class

NOVEMBER (check venues!)

JAM: Friday 11th November --- 6-9.30pm --- Jer Reid --- KPC --- £5

CLASS: Sunday 20th November ---1-2pm --- Penny Chivas --- CCA --- £10
JAM: Sunday 20th November --- 2-4.30pm --- Penny Chivas --- CCA --- £5 (free with class)

Also, Paul Henry has started up his Butoh classes again, happening at least once a month. Please see his website: http://www.paulmichaelhenry.com/


Sunday 9th October 10am-1pm
“Focus Jam”
Dance Base, Edinburgh

22nd October,
5th and 19th November,
3rd and 10th December
5pm - 8pm
Calton Centre Hall B (downstairs)
121 Montgomery St, Edinburgh, EH7 5EP
Contribution: £5/ £3

It’s a family friendly event. Please come and spread the word ;-) 
For more info contact Monica: imprevistodanza@gmail.com or 07411 335455



Contact improvisation classes and jams are held on Saturdays.

1 & 8 Oct              Jovair Longo
15 Oct onwards    to be confirmed

There are some changes of venue for you to navigate during the forthcoming weeks:

Saturday 1st October - Sat 22nd October we are back at Moving East, St Matthias Church Hall, Wordsworth Rd, Stoke Newington, London N16 8DD

Saturday 29th October there will be an extended day at Chisenhale Dance Space, 64-84 Chisenhale Rd, London E3 5QZ in celebration of Leda Franklin.

From 5th November until the end of the year we will be at Caxton House Community Centre, 129 St. John's Way, London N19 3RQ

Information on other classes, workshops, jams in London and the UK here:

Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Circularity in Contact Improvisation workshop, with Anne-Gaëlle Thiriot.

We are excited to welcome the wonderful and experienced contact dancer Anne-Gaëlle Thiriot to Glasgow. There are limited places so book early to avoid disappointment!

In this one-day workshop we’ll kiss and befriend the floor, fall into and rise from it, and will use curves rather than straight lines to find ease and efficiency. We will put the focus on studying ways to be more spherical in our dance to be able to make more choices when improvising.

To round your motion is helpful to prevent injury, get more efficient and be able to make your dance readable for a CI partner. But beyond the safety and possibly aesthetic aspect, to look for curves allows you to engage with infinite pathways of motion and of thoughts that expand further starting and arrival points.

We will start with technical aspects of rounding our body to the floor, to another body/partner, and in space, looking for multi-directionality and for the body tone that will allow this quality to arise. We will then move into circular pathways and how we navigate between moving and thinking, between sensations and directions. These elements will help us articulate and refine our own movement palette to use in some scores, observing and playing with how information circulates amongst a group for physical, playful and poetic composition. Bodily feedback, pleasure and serious playfulness will be key in directing our choices.

Anne-Gaëlle is a French dance artist based in London for the past 9 years. Her background in dance, geology and movement education has led her to engage in a path combining artistic and pedagogic practice with the environment, be it the studio, other beings, theatres, urban or natural landscapes. Her approach combines somatic and intuitive bodily intelligence with intention through frameworks coming from choreology (Laban-based theory and practice), philosophical meandering, post-modern theories, social activity and in-depth physical research. First self-trained, then trained at Laban and through a good number of Contact Improvisation and Instant Composition workshops and retreats, she has worked with many choreographers and artists, among which h2dance, Lisa-May Thomas, Tara D’Arquian, Annie Lok, Noa Zamir, Joe Moran, , and has had long-term collaborations with companies Dance United, Candoco and The City Literary. Over the past four years, she has helped developing alternative schemes for independent artists to keep an on-going research and practice of making, and has run the Contact Improvisation Society at Goldsmiths College. Among the people who continually inspire her are Julyen Hamilton, Kirstie Simson, Nancy Stark-Smith and Mike Vargas, Angus Balbernie, Antony Gormley, Simone Forti, Sasha Waltz and Juhani

Saturday, 3 September 2016

@TGJ September Newsletter

Dear Jammers,

We hope that everyone has had a fantastic summer, be it here or abroad! Penny went to teach in Costa Rica and Mexico (with support from Creative Scotland), and former New Jammers, Becky Moore and Nina Enemark headed to Doune the Rabbit Hole to lead some adventurous festival go-ers into Contact Improv!

You can read more about Penny's adventures here: http://theglasgowjam.blogspot.co.uk/

September is a big month for @TheGlasgowJam. Aside from our normal jams, Nina is leading a special workshop for the Gathered Together Festival providing a safe inclusive space for our work. More info here http://indepen-dance.org.uk/festival/

As normal, jams for Glasgow, and Edinburgh are listed below, as well as links to some great new regular Butoh classes in Glasgow, and to the jams in London.

Happy jamming!
Penny and Laura xx

GLASGOW - SEPTEMBER (check venues!)

JAM: Friday 9th September --- 6-9.30pm --- Brian Hartley --- CCA --- £5

CLASS: Sunday 25th September ---1-2pm --- Penny Chivas --- KPC --- £10
JAM: Sunday 25th September --- 2-4.30pm --- Penny Chivas --- KPC --- £5 (free with class)

OCTOBER (check venues!)

JAM: Friday 14th October --- 6-9.30pm --- Solène Weinachter --- KPC --- £5

CLASS: Sunday 30th October ---1-2pm --- Brian Hartley --- CCA --- £10
JAM: Sunday 30th October --- 2-4.30pm --- Brian Hartley --- CCA --- £5 (free with clas

Also, Paul Henry has started up his Butoh classes again, happening at least once a month. Please see his website at


next contact jams are:

3 September, 5pm to 8pm
17 September, 5pm to 8pm

The jam is at:
Calton Centre, 121 Montgomery St,
Edinburgh, EH7 5EP
Hall B (downstairs).

Contribution: £5/ £3

Musicians very welcomed!

Its a family friendly event.
Please come, spread the word and support :-)



(a work in progress as their venues shift!)
Class Schedule for 2016/17
17  Sept, Penny Chivas
@ Hugh Cubitt Centre
48 Collier Street
N1 9QZ

Sunday, 21 August 2016

Costa Rica

Dear Jammers,

Last weekend I had the absolute joy to teach an adventurous, generous and incredibly engaged group in San Jose, Costa Rica.

I find myself really questioning the role of CI and my teaching and how it can affect us more than "just a physical practice". Within the group were bilingual students, and some that spoke either Spanish OR English. Amazing to see how language can somehow separate us before the class but during, with a movement language we've created, join us, and so by the end as we begin to part - a hug, connecting with someone through their eyes, just being physically there - these things speak such richness.

A practice of bringing together a group of people to cultivate deeply communicating beyond language, and growing a collective that for a time have their own language.

Supported by Creative Scotland

Reflections on a time in Apan

We can ask ourselves, when we can find more to give, and when this is important. When should we throw in everything we have, when is that task actually not worth it? And then beyond this, when does the act of giving more interfere with the action itself? The effort to give undermining the desired gesture? There is an urgency to our time, a need to gather together to open up doors, rather than to close in fear. We need to be ready to jump without the need to prepare and plan. And whilst this may be a sentiment for the theatre, there is much of this that I believe needs to spill over to the rest of our lives. If our lives are our art, then there is a need to live our lives in the same manner.

Concerns, worries, certain rational thinking patterns can all draw us back from the present moment and its seemingly simple requirements. The making of art … and the self-producing of it, such different skill sets, different thinking patterns.

Nicolas' work reminds us of what we can be, and draws us back to the well in which we first drank from to begin our journey as artists.

With support from Creative Scotland, I spent 10 days in Apan, Mexico with Nicolas Nunez. A time in which we spent learning more about ourselves – the constant question of “who am I?” drove us forward. I am constantly reminded we have a lot to give the world, when we do the thing we are meant to do. Knowing our own gifts that we have to give, rather than the skill sets of somebody else. Right now, our world is one that needs, desperately.

Thursday, 4 August 2016

@TGJ August 2016 Newsletter

Dear Jammers,

Are you enjoying your summer? We are! Both of us are very busy with our projectsLaura studying yoga in Crete and Penny teaching and studying in Mexico and Costa Rica supported by Creative Scotland. Meanwhile, our helpful team of volunteers have kept things ticking in Glasgow. Thank you so much for your help!

To allow you to enjoy the weather (well, you know, whatever we get) while maintaining your jamming practice, we are only holding the class and jam on the last Sunday of the summer months. Brian Hartley hosted a lovely class and jam on the 31th July with good attendance and engaged participants. Our next one, with Nina Enemark, will be on Sunday 28th August. We are keeping things fresh and changing the venue to the CCA in Sauhiehall Street. We are back to 2 jams a month from September.

We have a had a good response to our appeal for support but we still need your help, donations, commitment to attending the jam, bringing a friend, volunteering, anything in kind … If you can, please help us. We have started a donors page to thank you and we still have a small number of t-shirts for sale (£15 only for good quality, ethical bamboo). Check our website or email us.

The next jams are listed below (see venues, as we are taking the jam around Glasgow) and, if you need to plan more ahead, we have our full June–December 2016 programme on our website: http://theglasgowjam.blogspot.co.uk/p/jam-calendar.html). The new programme, for January–June 2017 is being drafted, so watch this space for announcements. If you have any suggestions or wishes, please do email us while we get it together so we can implement your ideas. See you soon, we hope!

Much love,

Penny and Laura x


AUGUST (1 Jam only, at the CCA)
CLASS: Sunday 28th August ---1-2pm --- Nina Enemark --- CCA --- £10
JAM: Sunday 28th August --- 2-4.30pm --- Nina Enemark --- CCA --- £5 (free with class)

SEPTEMBER (check venues!)
Friday 9th September --- 6-9.30pm --- Brian Hartley --- CCA --- £5

CLASS: Sunday 25th September ---1-2pm --- Solène Weinachter --- KPC --- £10
JAM: Sunday 25th September --- 2-4.30pm --- Solène Weinachter --- KPC --- £5 (free with class)


Edinburgh classes

London Contact Improvisation

For details, check the London Contact Improvisation Facebook group: https://www.new.facebook.com/groups/20320344886/